Product Specifications

Coco-Kaboom Specifications

An artisan spirit made with a combination of madness and knowledge.
Coco-Kaboom is made with real coconut water, clean spirits, and spice.

Sizes Available in the Caribbean: 220ml and 350ml, 14% Alc/Vol - Aged and Served in a Real Coconut.
Sizes Available in USA: 200ml and 375ml, 14% Alc/Vol - Aged and Served in a Real Coconut.

Label Information:
Brand Name: Coco-Kaboom
Class and Type Designation: Distilled Spirits Specialty / Coconut Liqueur
Alcohol Content : 14% Alc/Vol
MINSA Registration No. 34288
Produced and Bottled by: XAGRO S.A.
Kaboom Box

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