Our Story

The Coco-Kaboom Story

In most tropical Countries there is a version of a native drink made by slicing the top off of a coconut and pouring in the favorite alcoholic beverage. The common name for this drink is “Coco Loco”, which translates to ‘Crazy Coconut’. I guess that refers to how crazy good it is. This tropical treat is enjoyed by thousands of tourists vacationing on countless sun filled beaches. And that included us.

The problem is once your vacation is over, you can no longer enjoy this traditional tropical drink. Add to that, the fact that an opened coconut would spill and quickly spoil. A solution to this problem was needed and we took on the challenge.

The big challenge of course was creating a process that would allow a real coconut to age and not spoil. We are passionate industry experts and spent almost two years refining our recipes and developing never before used radical processes which allow us to use a real coconut as our aging barrel and our final packaging. (talk about an Eco-friendly, gluten free, vegan suitable treat!) We ended up with a very unique quality coconut liqueur that is aged and served in a real coconut with a shelf life of over 6 months. This allows us to ship Coco-Kaboom to your favorite beach bar anywhere in the world.

At first glance you notice that Coco-Kaboom doesn’t have a bottle, instead we chose to age it inside of a real coconut. Our waxing technique converts each coconut into a self-contained aging barrel. Then we use a clean spirit and some spice to tease out the coconut flavor from the flesh and then age the liqueur and coconut water together. The result is a real coconut taste served in a real coconut.

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